Viaduct Ponikve

The viaduct Ponikve spans the Temenica river valley. The viaduct consists of two parallel structures 305m and 314m long respectively over nine 9 spans with lengths ranging from 21 to 42m.

Superstructures of viaducts were built using the incremental launching technique which was chosen due to the fact that it allows easier construction over existing railway track, local road and the Temenica River. The other advantages are high speed of construction, low environmental impact during construction, more robust, higher quality and more sustainable structures.

Due to unfavourable geometric elements of the carriageways a modified technique has been used where the superstructures were launched on a centreline of substitute radius, which is not identical to the centreline of the MW.


  • MW Section: Pluska-Ponikve
  • Structure: Viaduct Ponikve

  • Total length: 305,314m
  • Span length: 42m
  • Width: 2 x 13.6m
  • Total area: 9,600m²

  • Built: 2010
  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd.
  • Contractor: SCT Plc, CMC Plc
  • Investor: R. Slovenia, DARS Plc