Viaduct Pavlovići

The viaduct is located on the south part of the corridor Vc in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The motorway crosses the wide valley with two parallel viaducts, 370m long over nine spans.

The superstructures of the viaducts are being built using the incremental launching technique. For accommodating of the influences caused by live loads the solution of parabolic prestressing tendons in box girder webs was chosen. The advantages of the incremental launching method are high speed of construction, low environmental impact during construction as well as more robust, higher quality and more sustainable structures.


  • MW Section: Zviroviči-Kravice, BIH
  • Structure: Viaduct Pavlovići

  • Total length: 370m, 374m
  • Span length: 43m
  • Width: 2 x 13m
  • Total area: 9,600m²

  • Build: 2013-2014
  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd., IPSA Ltd.
  • Contractor: OHL ŽS Plc
  • Investor: Ministry for transport, Bosnia and Herzegovina