Viaduct Mačkovec

The motorway passes the Mačkovec valley nearby Novo mesto city with two parallel 165m long semi-integral spanning structures. The viaducts are continuous over six spans with a prestressed RC slab of superstructure. The Mačkovec viaducts, characterised by sleek superstructures and uniform elegant funnel shaped middle supports, subtly span the valley under Trška gora hills.

Unified steel false-works were fixed underneath 2 spans of the viaducts superstructures and then moved to the following spans in the next building stages.


  • MW Section: Hrastje - Lešnica
  • Structure: Viaduct Mačkovec

  • Total length: 165m
  • Span length: 32m
  • Width: 2 x 14.0m
  • Total area: 4,600m²

  • Build: 2008
  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd.
  • Contractor: SCT Plc, Primorje Plc
  • Investor: R. Slovenia, DARS Plc