Passarela Parenzana

The spanning structure is intended for cyclists and is a part of the Bicycle path of health and friendship - Parenzana which starts in Italy and runs through Slovenian seaside.

The integral monolithic RC frame structure of the passarela, with total length of 66m, overpasses the MW section Klanec-Srmin. All supports are founded on bored piles which have sufficient elasticity enabling an integral solution of the structure.


  • Communication: Bicycle path of healt and friendship - Parenzana
  • Structure: Passarela Parenzana

  • Total length: 66m
  • Span length: 17.5m
  • Width: 4.0m
  • Total area: 260m²

  • Build: 2005
  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd.
  • Contractor: SCT Plc
  • Investor: R. Slovenia, DRSC