Cut & cover Karteljevo

Arch shaped single span cut&cover structures are common in the Dolenjska region for green bridges. The longer cut&cover structure on Karteljevo slope hillside allows the preservation of the existing ground surface which in turn enables natural passing of wild animals.

The length of arch shaped single span is 38m, structure portals are inclined so the total width of structure is 253 m at the apex of arch and 273 m at the foundations. The structure consists of 26 longitudinal segments. The height of embankment is around 10 m above the apex of the arch. Such structures represent an economical, traffic-convenient solution and are better than tunnels for covering thickness up to 20.0 m.

Various types of temporary and permanent retaining structures were used on cut&cover area between the motorway and the nearby parallel principal road located above the MW.

The solution is an economical, spatially-suitable solution and enables a comfortable underpass through the long, but spacious and visually appealing underground structure.


  • MW Section: Hrastje-Lešnica
  • Structure: Cut & cover Karteljevo

  • Span length: 38m
  • Width: 273m
  • Total area: 10,500m²

  • Build: 2008
  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd.
  • Contractor: SCT Plc
  • Investor: R. Slovenia, DARS Plc