Cut & cover Dobrava

The purpose of the Dobrava cut and cover structure is the crossing of wild animals as well as principal road over the motorway. The arch-shaped cut and cover structure with a single span of 39 m was constructed due to favourable geological conditions and sufficient depth of the cuts. Portals are inclined so the total width of the structure is 44 m at the apex of arch and 67 m at the foundations. The structure consists of four longitudinal segments. The height of embankment ranges between 3.0 to 4.0 m above the apex of the arch.

The solution is aesthetic and economical, and enables animal-friendly passing over the motorway and creates a pleasant impression on the users.


  • MW Section: Lešnica-Kronovo
  • Structure: Cut & cover Dobrava

  • Span length: 39m
  • Width: 67m
  • Total area: 2,100m²

  • Build: 2009
  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd.
  • Contractor: CGP Plc
  • Investor: R. Slovenia, DARS Plc