Spiral Truss Footbridge

We have already started with constructing various types of footbridges in the Libyan metropolitan Tripoli and Benghazi area.

The various light footbridges are designed as a spiral-shaped steel truss superstructures. The total lengths of the single span superstructures varies between 30 to 50 m. The upper and lower pairs of main longitudinal struts at the corners are made of circular tubes. They are connected with thinner elliptical circular tubes which form interlaced mesh facade of superstructure giving it a transparent appearance. The approaching structures consist of staircases and/or access ramps.

The specified solutions of footbridges are eye-catching and harmonious in appearance, of modern design. The overpasses and footbridges are visually most conspicuous parts of the road and therefore determine the overall impression a user gets.


  • Structure: Spiral Truss Footbridge

  • Total length: 30-50m
  • Span length: 30-50m
  • Total area: 200-400m²

  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd., Arhitektura Ltd.
  • Contractor: BCC Plc
  • Investor: Ministry of transport, Lybia