Open Truss Footbridge

We have already started with constructing various types of footbridges in the Libyan metropolitan Tripoli and Benghazi area.

The next design foresees a number of footbridges with rectangular steel truss superstructures with open upper surfaces, thus the walkway surfaces are lowered between two main longitudinal girders. The total lengths of the single span superstructures vary between 30 and 45 m. The approaching structures consist of staircases and/or access ramps.

The specified solutions of footbridges are eye-catching and harmonious in appearance, of modern design and durable as well as economic throughout their period of use.


  • Structure: Open Truss Footbridge

  • Total length: 25-45m
  • Span length: 25-45m
  • Total area: 130-360m²

  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd., Arhitektura Ltd.
  • Contractor: BCC Plc
  • Investor: Ministry of transport, Lybia