Footbridge Batbridge

We have already started with constructing various types of footbridges in the Libyan metropolitan Tripoli and Benghazi area.

The other solution of pedestrian overpass, Bat-bridge, is designed as a wide steel girder bridging two spans around 20 m long. Access to the spanning superstructure is provided through access ramps and staircases positioned on both sides of the road. The roof of footbridge, shaped like Bat wings, made of plasticized canvass, is supported by two central pylons and the pylons located on the corners of superstructure. Box compartments for vegetation are integrated on both outer longitudinal sides of the superstructure.

The solution is aesthetic and economical, and creates a pleasant impression on the users.


  • Structure: Footbridge BatBridge

  • Total length: 50m
  • Span length: 25m
  • Total area: 400m²

  • Design: Main & Executive
  • Designer: PROMICO Ltd., Arhitektura Ltd.
  • Contractor: BCC Plc
  • Investor: Ministry of transport, Lybia